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Associate Degree in Business Administration


An Associate degree in Business Administration is a two-year degree that provides the student with a general business background. Students are then prepared to seek an entry-level position in business or to earn the higher degree of Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) also known as the Bachelors in Science in Business Administration. The MBA is the next highest degree.

According to the authority,

"An associate degree in Business Administration is the first step in separating oneself from the pack. In some cases, it will be all that's required to manage a business; in others, it will lead to more extensive and specific training. Business owners and upper level managers are almost always looking for smart, energetic people who can be trusted to take some of the load off them."

West’s Business Administration Associate Degree (A.A.) program was designed to allow students to easily transfer to California State Universities.  However, our courses also transfer to most other major American universities. Upon completing the A.A. program at West, the student would enter the university as a "Junior" (3rd Year University Student). In this way, the student benefits from substantially lower tuition for the first two years of their Bachelor’s degree pursuit with comparable instruction.

Career Options

Career options for persons with a degree in Business Administration are plentiful in the private sector, government and non-profits. Jobs include manager, human resources, product manager, market research, sales, analyst, project managers, consultants, insurance brokers, entrepreneurs and more.