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West Los Angeles College (West) is a fully accredited 2-year California Community College where students can complete an Associate degree, the first half of a Bachelor’s degree, or a career skills Certificate for significantly less than they would pay at a university or private career college. West provides an intimate college experience with knowledgeable, experienced professors; caring support staff; a broad range of academic majors; and a lauded online degree program. LEARN MORE»

What is an Associate Degree?

The Associate degree typically takes two years to complete. An Associate degree will qualify a student to enter many satisfying careers. Or, it can be the 1ST STEP IN EARNING A BACHELOR’S DEGREE.  After completing the Associate degree, students can advance (“transfer”) to any major university as a 3rd-year student (“junior”). At the university, the student completes the last half of the Bachelor’s degree requirements. Note: Completing the first half of a Bachelor’s degree at a community college is a significant savings in tuition. LEARN MORE»

Earn Your Degree Online

No Student Visa Required!

Earn an American Associate Degree online without ever leaving your country.

West Los Angeles College is an accredited California Community College. Our tuition is much more affordable than that of other online degree programs and West has been praised for the quality of its outstanding program. West course credits transfer to major universities throughout  the United Stated including UCLA, UC Berkeley, the California State Universities, USC, Stanford, and New York University.

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Study in USA (F1 Visa)

Learn On-Site at WLAC!

Our location, campus culture and lower tuition make West Los Angeles College an ideal place for international students to reach their academic goals.

West has been serving American and international students for nearly a half century. We are part of a 9-campus college system founded in 1929. As a fully accredited California Community College, we are also part of the family of prestigious California  public college systems – the University of California campuses (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC  San Diego) and the California State Universities (CSUN, Cal State LA, Cal State San Jose). 

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West Language Academy

NO TOEFL or IELTS Score Needed!

Learn or improve your English through the West Los Angeles College intensive English academy.

If you want to study in the United State but first need to learn or improve your English skills, then the West Language Academy is for you.

The Academy offer 20 hours of English instruction per week so you can quickly improve your oral and written competency. Additionally, Academy students enjoy excursions to notable sites and cultural experiences around the city.

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